Battery Percentage on ANDROID

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Hi there,
I got a 8-bit ADC connected through SPI to the LeMaker Guitar and a battery connected to the analog input.
I'd like to know how to get/display the battery percentage on Android like any smartphone?

Kind Regards,
Good luck on getting an answer around here! This forum and support is about as dead as a graveyard!

Look at the initial date of most posts and replies.
They are all about one year ago.
Because, we have done working with Guitar about a year ago when they issued us a kit for evaluation and test.
The LeMaker Guitar project has been stopped at top level for some reason.
Technical and Sale team all are gone from Lemaker so we have finished working on this SBC.

I come here on and off as I get used to it and tried to help people looking for answer.

By the way, I didn't get that much hand on Android as it was terrible in first place. I didn't like it from the day one so I didn't spend time to evaluate and work on it.
However, the Linux side of it wasn't bad. That's why I have presented couple of Linux Images for people to use.
My last post was Lubuntu 16.04 LTS which will be the last for this board from me.

Good luck with Guitar but the board is not active for development and even sell any more. (Even though I did like this SBC a lot)!

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