GPT Corruption on large USB drives - Rootfs install fail

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Hello All,

I'm a newbie and was trying to get the rootfs to run from a USB drive. I have installed and image from this forum that includes Asterisk and it works fine from the SD card, I believe it is the latest version of Bananian.  There are a lot of instructions on how to do that and I think I have performed the task properly. However I have a had no success at all in bringing this about.  I have two USB devices I have tried. One is a Seagate 1TB USB 3 drive and the other is Toshiba of the same spec.  

Both devices mount and are seen by the system.  When I create a GPT partition of Linux File System type  I am unable to mount the drive even after a reboot, I get an error that it is a bad file system or some other error has occured.  If I format it as EXT4 this goes well but when I look at the disk with gdisk it tells me the GPT is corrupt, I am unable to clear the corruption as it creates 128 partitions that are all unaligned and overlaping.  If if use Fdisk I cannot get a UUID that is required by boot.cmd and trying it with root=/dev/sda1 fails so I need the PARTUUID.  Is there another format that should be used on GPT drives?  Are these large capacity USB3 drives unsupported (although they clearly work with USB2)?  I have tried moving the file system over after an EXT4 format and it moves over fine but the partiion is not found after a reboot and gdisk still talks about corruption. Fdisk tells me there is trace EXT4 fs and that I should use wipefs to clean it up.

Is there a definitive How_to on this subject?

What format should the boot.cmd "root=UUID=<unique ID>"  be in " and should the <> be included?

Thanks for any help, I have sat at the terminal for 40 hours and tried just about every combination one might think of and I am all in with it,

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Well it seems it must be me, which is what I thought all along.  I installed a SATA drive and this shows up fine but I also get the same behavior.  I am obviously doing something wrong.  Could someone point me to the docs for doing this.  The ones have read are all for using uEnv.txt  I'm not sure about the hard disk now either. It will not take a normal dos partition via fdisk.  Seems once you have use gdisk there is no going back even when you wipe the GPT through advanced commands.

No sure what to do, my boss is scowling at me and telling me send all 6 of them back and that they are a load of rubbish.  I can see his POV but there must be documentation somewhere and they do seem like a nice bit of kit, but we can't run them on SD Cards

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