Banana Pro: Best OS as Media Player

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I have a Banana Pro and I used for several month the Android Mattrix Kodi image.
Android is good but if you want to use the banana pro as media player there is still some problems.
I tried the Armbian image but is worst, so if you use the banana pro as media player, what is the best OS for you?

Thk, I will try also this version.
Do you know if someone is working on a new version of android? The version for banana pro is really outdated!

AFAIK no one is working on Android.

BTW. What was not working on Armbian? 1080p movies working fine with build in MPV player.

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This is my experience

Ubuntu Mate: bug with very dark video in every player that I used...
Armbian: video ok (not every 1080p file works, but most of them yes), but there isn't a media manager that works (I tried also freevo...)  
LeMedia: XBMC works fine but you cant do more (exit from XBMC to Debian is bugged)  
Android: it's a really outdated version of android... kodi works fine and you can play almost everything that I tried (updating mplayer and kodi)

after all of this I was thinking to update my system and buy a new raspberry pi 3...

Try some H3 based device - Orange Pi PC for example, since Openelec runs fine on those boards.
http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... mdisplay&fid=55

I am using H3 FA Nano Pi M1 for my prime IPTV and movies playing solution.

Thanks for the suggestion and I think it really helps me clarify my doubt as I was searching for this OS media player which is one of the best models available recently. I will definitely share the review of the product shared here. canon printer offline

it is interesting

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