Productive System crashed

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Error Description:

I was running a Banana Pro with Raspian (Debian Jessie) for about a year with no errors.

The BPro's firewall is configured white-listed.

This morning the BPro shut down unexpected and for no reason.

Since then I wasn't able to reboot the BPro.


I unplugged all external devices except SD-Card and power cable, but only red LED is shining.

So I checked the MicroSD-Card with Windows/Diskpart and Ubuntu/gnome-disks (no errors).

I made a backup from the SD-Card with Windows/Win32DiskImager (no errors).

I also had a close look at the BPro itself, especially the SD-Card-Slot (no short circuits or sth. like that).

Plugging SD-Card back in and trying to boot: Red LED only.

Then I read several threads in several forums covering similar issues.

But this is not a newbie's error and so I can't find sth. helpful or comparable.

I don't want to flash the SD-Card, because there is an OwnCloud/Database-Server on it.

These apps point to 6.8 TB of encrypted data on an external HDD (maybe you can understand my situation).

Next steps to take - here I need your help:

Should I buy another SD-Card for giving the BPro a next try (knowing current SD-Card is OK)?

Did something happened the last days that can harm a running BPro from the outside?

Should I reinstall Raspbian on the current SD-Card? -

I have a backup, well. But this was taken after the crash happened, so it might be worthless.

What else can I do to bring the system online again?

I'm new to this forum, so please forgive me any errors.

Help and hints are appreciated.

Best regards from northern Germany

Mike (IT-Student)

Hi Mike
Ich würde eine neue SD-Karte zulegen.
Vielleicht kann dir TestDisk helfen ist gutes Tool, hat mir auch schon geholfen. ... erstellungsbeispiel

Thank you for your instant reply. I had a look at Testdisk (nice tool, did deeper search, but again: no errors).

After cleanly formatting I installed a new Raspbian on the old SD-Card getting the exact same output for boot files and folders.

So I'll might buy another SD-Card (SanDisk Extreme 16GB was the old one, no recommendation for it).

But I don't like to repeat any error and try to improve my actions. (:

So if SD-Card is vulnerable, it's maybe a possibility to install Raspbian right onto the S-ATA connected hard disk. What do you think of that?

Are there any settings for securing data (like disabling memory cache)? Is disabling memory cache senseful, if the power supply is guaranteed (like it is here)?

Best regards/Beste Grüße

With the SATA is auch(sie ist auch schneller) but can also crashed.
I would make a backup using DD, but you must watch the
to the Fat32 partition to the boot needs.

Mit der SATA geht auch(sie ist auch schneller), kann aber auch abstürzten.
Ich würde eine Sicherung mit DD machen, aber dabei muss man achten das
man die Fat32-Partition zum booten braucht.   

Best regards

Could you get the log from debug uart to see more information?

Hello Tony.

I'd like to get the debug uart, but how can I get a log from a dead system?

The BPro doesn't do anything except of the red LED which is steadily active (no bootable device).

Can you give me a hint how to get the log? I can plugg the SD-Card into one of the following systems:

Ubuntu x64, Kali Linux x64, Kali Linux x86, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 - but none of them is an ARM-device.

SD cards sooner or later dies. I already have a small stack of dead ones.

You can boot from SATA, but not from Raspbian since you need a modern u-boot which must be on a SD card. In case card is (too) damaged, than this won't help.

Get a Samsung EVO16GB (it should be less than 10EUR in your local store) and you are good for another few years

I ordered two Transcend CL10 with 16GB (each around 6€) with 30 years limited warranty.

The SanDisk was a performance winner at its time. Now I go back to known brands with Transcend (got some USB-Sticks and SSDs from them). Samsung is yet not on my list of trusted brands.

Because I want to use an u-boot, the SD-performance can be slow. Nevertheless it must be some card I can trust. Two of them just for having a backup right in place.

Based on our tests, for computer usage (good random r/w), performance winner was Samsung EVO line:

"30 years limited warranty" is marketing bullshit - "limited" probably means that you don't use it Never trust the producer.

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