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Using the Banana Pi as a USB slave

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here, since I don't even own a Banana Pi yet. I'm not entirely sure, if I can realize my project with a Banana Pi, so that is
the reason why I'm seeking your advice.

I'm looking for a SBC, which I want to connect as a slave device to my host computer via USB.
The SBC is supposed to run a C application (on a linux distribution like Debian), which interprets incoming commands, sent by the host.
Whereas UART might would have been the easier choice, I prefer the speed of USB.
My plan was to use the USB OTG port of the Banana Pi, but I can't find a documentation for the USB drivers.
I know the USB ports are directly connected to the A20 CPU and I also found a documentation of the marsboard(which also has the A20 CPU), including the USB library. I wasn't quite sure though, if they are exactly the same.

I hope I was able to clarify my problem / question. If there is an existing documentation or example how to use the USB interface in C, which I couldn't find, I'd appreciate if you could send me the link.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.

Best regards

I think the library is the same one

That's great, thanks. In that case I'm good to go and can place my order

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