CAN interfacing with BANANA PRO

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Can anyone provide me CAN drivers for banana pro.
I want to connect CAN transceiver to banana pro GPIO  CAN Tx Rx pins which further connect to test device.
Test device is device which work on CAN commands, when it receives CAN commands it reply on certain CAN id.
I wanted to send CAN commands to test device and also want to receive CAN commands from Test device.
I want to specify and configure  CAN id , DATA length, CAN BYTES,
Please provide me drivers for banana pro so that I can configure those as per my need. Also provide me procedure to configure drivers or add program

Can anyone suggest me best approch to achive my testing ? I am new with banana pro. Please also suggest which tool or language should i use python or C++ or C ?

Dear vaibhavkambli, please stop crying. Your questions are too general. Nobody is going to write a step by step tutorial extra for you.
I'm successfully using the CAN-Interface of the Banana Pro. On hardware side I'm using the SN65HVD230 transceiver IC. On the software side I'm using Bananian, CAN4Linux with CAN4Linux-java wrapper and Java. There are also test programs along with CAN4Linux source code written in C. No kernel compiling was needed, just fex-configuration to reconfigure the CAN-pins.

dear electronick,
thanks for your help. As i am new to Linux system i am worried about this issue.
My concern issue is how can i compile  can4linux for banana pro as downloaded trunk of can4linux4.2 contains bananapi configuration file and allwinner20 configuration file too.
I also want to access low level registers, as embedded c programmer i was able to do very comfortably in my old day, but now as i started wtih linux embedded am little worried about this issue.
I have you can understand my situation.. please help me and provide your  valuable opinion

Users don't access low level registers directly in Linux, the driver software (kernel modules) do it for them. So does CAN4Linux.

Try this tutorial and report problems there:

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