autoboot to terminal and autologin as root as run script (c++ or python)

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I everyone,

I am trying to get my Banana pro  to automatically login on boot (preferably as root) and automatically run a certain script.

I cannot seem to figure out how to do this? I edited /etc/profile to run the script which is fine and easy, but I cannot seem to make the pro autoboot to terminal and autologin as root. "

P.S: I am running Lubuntu , Bananian

Thanks for the help!

Maybe there is something here:

I suggest you to don't use root it's better use a normal user and insert it in sudoers file with nopaswd.

Create the user (as root):
  1. useradd systemAdmin
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Edit sudoers file (as root):
  1. visudo
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and add this line at the end of the file:
  1. systemAdmin ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL
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Then you can use the window login manager as suggested or edit rc runlevel, it depends by the operating system and if you have the graphic X server.


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