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I just received 2 Guitar with Android preinstalled on flash.  I received 2 display too, LCD 7" and 10".

The 7" works with preinstalled Android. For the 10" I had to download the Android 16.06 formware for 10" and now it works well.

Can I have some clarification on where the 2  firmware are different?

My company is planning to use Guitar on new production line, and we would prepare Android boards with our apps, and then choose to connect 7 or 10 LCD display depending on the machine we need to deliver.

So my question is.  Does exist a way to use the same Android image (fw) for both LCD and set some parameters or switch some file to use the big or the small one?
Of course I need the right resolution and a working touch panel too.

Last question:  I'm dowloading android SDK source from your github, but in the README and in the script files I can't see any parameter to compile the firware for 10 or 7 LCD.
Could you give me some info about this?

Thankyou very much.
Ivan Tarozzi
In the new firmware, we enable the two display configuration, you can check the source code here. The latest firmware for EMMC you download can support 7inch and 10.1inch display. As this firmware use the HDMI as the master display, it can fit the different LCD as the slave mode.

Configure the DTS file to set the display mode.
But if you use the HDMI as the master screen, we need insert HDMI to use the LCD. But if we set the LCD to the master screen, we can only choose one size for one DTS. We can change to different DTS file to select the different LCD. You can find in the Android setting, we add a Board selection setting, you can also add the LCD size selection.

Thank you for your reply. In my case I have to use LCD as master display, without HDMI.  I'm going to investigate about DTS files. I saw your wiki contains some informations.

I'm thinking about a solution where, using a bash script and ADB command, I can mount the kernel partition and then change DTS files according the selected display.... and other Android properties if required.
I will do some test next days.  Thanks for your tip

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