[HELP][WIFI] Need Banana Pro wifi driver!

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Hey Guys!

I really tried everything I could, but I am not able to get my Banana Pro wifi to work.

Its the pre-production version, so it has the Realtek rtl8189es wifi Driver on board.

Can someone help me with that / provide the necessay files for making the driver work in Bananian / Raspian e.g. ?

Thanks in advance !!

I'm really desperate, I hope someone can help me here....


Edited by igorpec at Nov 13, 2016 06:29 ... 5373.20151005.patch
This is the driver, which you need to apply into sun7i kernel source and recompile kernel.
How to:

Driver works fine on Oranges with this chipset. One more thing which could be problematic and is not related neither to driver or kernel - chip must be properly powered on boot time, wheather from u-boot or kernel, via sysconfig ...

I've tried to apply the user patch and the script recognizes that there is the patch but it just gives me a :
[warning] patch could not be applied
or something similar so that I am prety sure it does not implement the patch into the kernel.

Am I doing something wrong?
I'm using the default configuration of the kernel and just added the patch in the corresponding folder :
patch/kernel/sun8i-default/ which is stated at github and even in the sun7i folder in the same directory because the BPro is the sun7i.

Do you have any ideas why this happens to me?
Or could you try to compile it by yourself to see if it works for you?

Thank you!


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