x11vnc Hangs after a while

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Edited by AaronD at Nov 13, 2016 06:50

Briefly mentioned here, the x11vnc server works for a while, then stops responding to clients.  The clients don't disconnect or show any errors; they just freeze as if that's actually what's happening...except the clock doesn't update and SSH, WiFi access point, and all the other functions still work just fine.  It doesn't matter if the client is Windows or Linux; it freezes without errors just the same.  A new connection after the time of failure will succeed and show either a blank screen or the same outdated screenshot as everyone else.  Rebooting the Pi fixes it...for the same while, and then it freezes again.

Anyone else have this issue?
Edited by AaronD at Dec 14, 2016 17:43

I found the problem!  According to this thread about a different VNC server on a different machine, the video stuff can shut down in certain cases, which leaves the video buffer stale while the server continues to read it like it's supposed to.  In the case of that thread, I had closed the lid of a laptop.  For the problem posted here, the default screen blanking time was still there.  Once it timed out, the display shut down and VNC simply served the same static image because that's what was still in the buffer.

I just happened to be playing with that setting, not really thinking about the VNC problem, and just happened to leave the BPi Pro running overnight to charge the 1S Li-Ion backup battery, for which you can solder wires to the board with lots of hot air (no thermal relief for the GND pad).  I remembered the next day about the VNC problem and realized that I had accidentally set up a test for it.  I connected a VNC client, many hours after it would have failed originally, and it worked!

So, the solution here is to go to the power settings and tell it to never turn the screen off.

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