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can please tell me anybody where can I found the used u-boot configuration to build the u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin for the banana pi?

I try to build it with the "make Bananapi_config", but if I boot with the resulting u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin, I get no video output (by the kernel-4.4.26).


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Which u-boot source do you use? Mainline, latest stable:

  1. git clone git:// -b v2016.11
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has such configuration(s):

make Bananapi_defconfig
make Bananapro_defconfig

There is one bug to mention ... video output is broken / none if you attach 4k monitor.


I have taken this source: ... ive/bananapi.tar.gz
and try
make Bananapi_defconfig

My problem is exact what you describe. The video output don't work (def/fb0 missing) with my self build u-boot. If I use the precompiled u-boot.bin of bananian, the video output works.

That's the reason why I ask for the correct configuration.


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I am not sure you can boot anything else than kernel 3.4.x with that u-boot regardless of the configuration. I recommend you to switch to more recent u-boot ... nobody is working on this one any more.

OK, you are right. With the denx u-boot it works.
Thank you.


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