Will it be possible to buy it and deliver to Russia?

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Hi. We aremaking robots and use the S5P4418 with 10 inch LCD. We want to buy such boardwith a 10 inch LCD Touch screen. Will it be possible to buy it and deliver toRussia? Could you provide me a 10inch touch display?

There are couple of SBC's which are based on Samsung S5P4418, I would recommend Graperain quad core Single Board Computer which is off-the-shelf embedded platform that consists of a System on Module (SOM) and a carrier board. The platform can be scaled up to accommodate future requirements by switching to another pin-compatible SOM based on latest processors. You can choose any SOM and a compatible carrier board, to create a customized SBC that is tuned to your needs. These platforms can be used for both engineering development and mass-production.

Oh, you'd better confirm your 10inch LCD display meet this board supports first. It is very important. If the board not supports its resolution and interface, it will be trouble.

LeMaker Guitar can support 10.1inch LCD with touch screen.
The LCD resolution is 1280*800.

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