Is there any detailed tutorial for Bananian installation and basic usage?

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I just have purchased a Banana Pro. Is there any tutorial (video or book) for installation and boot using Bananian? Hw to install and invoke LXDE for Bananian?
hey man, are you sure you want bananian to run on your pi? from my understanding and use of it, it is a terminal only environment...meanwhile, I recommend you get a modified berryboot  image for the banana pi/pro and run ubuntu or some other Linux environment (also, with berryboot, you can run your empty nas into a Linux os or make use of that empty SATA disk you have.) also, berryboot makes it a ton easier to fix a completely broken Linux os. for example, it has been at least a year since the last time I have actually downloaded a bp image to my desktop
you can get berryboot here (direct download link)
Altho I am not sure weather lxde is in the repo for bananian, try this
sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop lightdm openbox lubuntu-core lxappearance obconf gtk2-engines-pixbuf
I know it is slightly lengthy, but this is necessary since you are installing from a bare minimal distro. here is the guide. just read all the comments until
then, type in sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.confand In section [ifupdown] find the line managed=false and replace it with managed=true. Save and quit. Get back to LXTerminal and issue:
sudo service network-manager restartIt all depends on how much experience you have with Linux, good luck
regards, pcs3rd

if this doesn't work pm me on Github @pcs3rd. I will get a notification in my emails.
(hope this helps)

also, if you are going to run headless (no tv) then I recommend you get noVNC by kanaka and tightvncserver
it will make access to you pi's desktop a heck of a lot easier

any more answers? I also bought banana pi yesterday and I couldn't find any guide to install bananian OS to banana Pi.

igorpec -> Select your board ->Quick start

If you are not sure: ... nd-bananian-please/

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