Banana pi + Android + XMC + HDMI CEC

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Hi all,
First, thanks for this great board, I was interrested in Raspberry Pi as a mediacenter, and discovered this more powerfull board.

I was able to have XBMC working perfectly and showing HD movies (1080p), it's a bit tricky and I will expose my success story later.

My blocking point is now to be able to make the HDMI CEC working with ANDROID and then with XBMC.

So, can you confirm (or not) that our board is compiant with the HDMI CEC protocol natively (without any USB addition)?

Thanks in advance.
Am I the only one who want to use the HDMI-CEC protocol to control my Banana PI?
Does anybody try or succed in ?

Cyril if no on has answered then I am sorry to say the answer is probably no.
I am not sure what you would need CEC for. What does it do for you that a regular
controller would not?

Thank you for you answer.
My need is simply to catch the command sent by my tv remote control sent thru the HDMI connection and send message/command to the TV set.

For example, XBMC is CEC compatible, so you can control it this way: Only one remote to control all

I believe the hardware has the ability to receive and send CEC protocol packets, but it's up to the installed firmware on the SD card to make use of that ability.

It was the same way with the Raspberry Pi. The hardware itself had no way of responding to CEC communication. But it did allow the SD card firmwares to do so.

Best regards: dlanor

I was able to have XBMC working perfectly and showing HD movies (1080p), it's a bit tricky and I will expose my success story later.

Maybe if you contribute something (like your XBMC install), you may have more luck getting some help...

Here is my setup:
I started on burning the ANDROID XXX (because I can not succeded in making XBMC working with HW acceleration over LUBUNTU)

Then I configured MXplayer:
- Launch MXplayer
- Download the ARMv7-neon CODEC (via XDA web site)
- Unzip the zip file
- install the newly unziped codec in MXplayer
- Activate the H/W decoder
- Deactivate the H/W+ decoder
- Activate the S/W audio codec (mandatory to me to have the the audio thru the HDMI)

Then I installed XBMC 13 Gotham:
- Create the file /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/playercorefactory.xml (as described by DLANOR)

  1. <playercorefactory>
  2.         <players>
  3.                 <!-- MXPlayer Free definition -->
  4.                 <player name="MXPlayerFree" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
  5.                         <filename></filename>
  6.                         <!-- Hide XBMC -->
  7.                         <hidexbmc>true</hidexbmc>
  8.                         <!-- After 2 minutes set the movie as seen -->
  9.                         <playcountminimumtime>120</playcountminimumtime>
  10.                 </player>
  11.         </players>
  12.         <rules action="prepend">
  13.                 <rule filename=".*mkv.*" player="MXPlayerFree" />
  14.         </rules>
  15. </playercorefactory>
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With this setupI can view all my movies 720P as well as 1080P, AVI and MKV.

My next step is to use the HDMI-CEC

In the mean time, I am working in being able to is native linux binaries to increase the flexibility this Android (by now, I am close to be able to use samba client and server and UDEV) and to use it also à a kind of SAN.

Reply 5# dlanor

I read from here to there that the BANANAPI has th eability to work with HDMI-CEC (can't remember where).
I tried with the LUBUNTU rom and installed the libcec, but when I run the cec-client, there is no adapter found.

I tried with ANDROID too, with the RemoteIME.apk; still nothing.

For instance, the TV set is a SONY BRAVIA KDL55HX (ou EX can't remember).

It would be great to ave this feature.

So, no-one is interested in the CEC ability?
An other strange thing: When the BPI is powerded off and still connected to the TV, no other device can communicate via CEC.
This is awkward!

I very interested in this ability. but I have very little knowledge. any advance please comunicate...


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