Segfaults with ActionFWU writing EMMC

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I am new to the Lemaker world so i tried to install the Lemedia OS to the EMMC. But if i run the ActionsFWU script i get a segfault.
I am using ubuntu 16.04 with python 2.7.12.

Did anyone have the same problem already?

  1. [   92.236508][2197]: segfault at 6ba9aa90 ip 00007f9ddc025eb6 sp 00007ffe670504b8 error 4 in[7f9ddbf99000+1bd000]
  2. [  151.896924][2730]: segfault at ffffffffeb205af0 ip 00007f58bb4eaeb6 sp 00007fffde42c648 error 5 in[7f58bb45e000+1bd000]
  3. [  165.504544][2758]: segfault at ffffffffe9711af0 ip 00007f0bfb41aeb6 sp 00007ffc93a9e7e8 error 5 in[7f0bfb38e000+1bd000]
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Tried it now with ubuntu 14.04. No segfaults occured.

With the file the device was not  found.
After trying the whole thing with the file it worked.

I have the same issue on Debian 8. Please could you deliver a script upgrade or source file to build .so?


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