BPi and USB hub sharing one AC/DC adapter?

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I have a (first generation) BananaPi and a USB hub "D-Link DUB-H7 USB 2.0 Hub aktiv 7-Port 480Mbps".

Currently, I have two AC/DC adapters to power them:


But I'd like to get rid of one adapter.

My first attempt was this:

Solution B: Doesn't work

Solution B: Doesn't work

But when I try it, the BPi won't power up. I can power up the BPi via the USB Hub host port, but in the moment I plug in the "USB data" cable, the BPi switches off. Why's that? I do not think the USB hub is backpowering or do something nasty.

Ok, my next attempt would be this:

Solution C: ???

Solution C: ???

But I would need to buy an USB OTG Y cable. Before I do so, I would like to hear if it will be going to work, or if I need another solution.

Any help is highly appreciated :-)

The USB hub is too weak for the Banana Pi it should be at 5V / 2A min.
OTG is not made for power supply.
The Hab birings only 500mA?

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