How to add driver (AX88179)

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         I am working on lemaker guiter board. i am using AX88179  USB 3.0 to Ethernet chip. i downloaded linux-actions-bsp from github. in that  linux-actions-bsp/linux-actions/drivers/net/usb i found driver. In Kconfig also i found configuration for this

config USB_NET_AX88179_178A
        tristate "ASIX AX88179/178A USB 3.0/2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet"
        depends on USB_USBNET
        select CRC32
        select PHYLIB
        default y
          This option adds support for ASIX AX88179 based USB 3.0/2.0
          to Gigabit Ethernet adapters.

          This driver should work with at least the following devices:
            * ASIX AX88179
            * ASIX AX88178A
            * Sitcomm LN-032

          This driver creates an interface named "ethX", where X depends on
          what other networking devices you have in use

  i compiled the kernel and updated. But the Driver .KO file i didn't found in lemaker board(/lib/modules/3.10.100/kernel/drivers/net/usb) for that Driver. I found only these .KO Files.
         cdc_eem.ko  cdc_ether.ko  cdc_mbim.ko  cdc_ncm.ko  cdc_subset.ko  usbnet.ko

  Please guide me how to add AX88179 Driver in  Lemaker Guitar board. Where i need to add this Driver names.


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Please refer to the following steps:
Firstly, you must choose the configure option "CONFIG_USB_NET_AX88179_178A" by using command "make linux-config".
Secondly, run command "make hwpack" to compile the source code.
Finally, you will find the 'ko' in directory “build/s500/linux/drivers/net/usb”

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