Enable sch_netem kernel module

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I am trying to emulate network latency on a Banana Pi using the command:
  1. tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem delay 100ms
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but I am getting the following message:
  1. RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory
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It seems that the sch_netem kernel module is not enabled, as when I run:
  1. modprobe sch_netem
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I get:
  1. modprobe: FATAL: Module sch_netem not found.
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Does anyone know how it can be enabled?


Enabled on our kernel 4.9.7

In case you have normal Banana:

I am using a Banana Pi R1, which is running Bananian 16.04.

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And yet another reason why it's better to use Armbian on R1: ... stribution/?p=24625
If you want to know more technical details, check this conversation:

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