Need RTL8723BS complete drivers(Wi-Fi + Bluetooth)

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Hi ,

     i have few doubts Regarding RTL8723Bs chipset.

1) Is it supports concurrent mode( AP and station mode at a time).

    if it supports please share the driver link for that and also relavent documents.

2)In this chipset Bluetooth also available.So, at a time both Bluetooth and wifi will work?

   please provide the links for Bluetooth driver also.  


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you can find the driver from the link at https://github.com/LeMaker/linux ... s/actions/rtl8723bs
1)No, the wifi doesn't support concurrent mode, either working in AP mode or Station mode, please refer to the wiki tutorial to use.
2)Yes, the wifi and bluetooth can work at a time. please refer to the wiki tutorial to use the BT.

Hi ,

       RTL8723bu will support concurrent mode? if not any other chipsets which supports concurrent mode to interface with lemaker guiter board?


RTL8723BU does not support concurrent mode, it is the same as RTL8723BS, just RTL8723BU connect to the SOC by usb interface, and RTL8723BS use sdio interface.
you can consider using two wifi module, one working in AP mode, other working in station mode.

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