need some help with boot logo. will pay

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hey guys ive tried getting freelancers to help but they never seem to understand exactly what i need.

i would need the banana pi os to use a custom image to be shown instead of showing any boot messages.

also i would need the penguin logos on the top left of the screen to be replaced with my custom image.
and all boot messages to be hidden
we need the bananaian for the original pi board

i would want the entire process written down so i can duplicate the results myself

anybody interested make me an offer


Like this but without any text?

yes like that but with a resolution of 1024x768 and the image to be fullscreen.
and yes with no other visible text, also i noticed that the image disapeared after a few seconds.
could we get the image to stay all the way

- resolution can be fixed
- logo can be full screen

This part is u-boot, but when logo goes off, kernel started ... where you need a build in logo. I haven't done this part yet, so limitations and bugs are unknown to me - if this transition is done smoothly, without a blink.

Well, it's some work, but I am afraid I am too busy ATM to develop this further.


anybody else interested. i really need this done and am willing to pay

GER8LE replied at Mar 06, 2017 09:41
anybody else interested. i really need this done and am willing to pay

Basically what you need is a bootlogo in a specific PNG format for the u-boot part (1st stage of the booting process) to be copied to the boot partition of your SD, then recompile the kernel, activating bootlogo support and embedding in it a second image (or the same if you want) saved with another spcific PPM format - the new kernel needs to be copied on the boot partition as well. The second image will stay on the display until the framebuffer is filled by your application (if using framebuffer mode) or until X11 starts.
I have done this for several projects on Cubieboard2 devices (same base MCU A20) without problems. I think I could do it for you, but I would need to know more about the image/kernel you're using and what configuration of kernel is required for your application.

I have done it but run into some weird issues. ... problems-allwinner/

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