Banana pi motor drivers?

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Hi everyone, I hope this is the correct place to post this, otherwise tell me ...

I have a banana pi and I'm trying to do some experiments with stepper motors, or others, but mainly those. I know there is a thread about scratch+arduino+bananapi but I'm trying to do it without the arduino (don't really care so much about the programming language or the SO for now) I found that L298N works, but I couldn't find images or anything about the conection, also, I found this video and it shows that L293D could also work, but again, I have no idea about the connections.

Here , wich from what I can see(because I can't understand chinese), ULN2003 also works, but with a banana pro.

I just want to be sure before I connect anything, don't want to burn something xD. Would be great if you can tell me where I can find the info or if this is even posible. Thank you so much and sorry for my poor english, I'm not an natural english speaker.
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