Switch off the RTL8192CU to save power

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I would like to switch off the WLAN at the BPI-R1, in order to reduce the power consumption.
I have Bananian 16.04. Only the Ethernet ports are used. These are set via the swconfig and the interfaces.


  1. #!/bin/sh
  2. ifconfig eth0 up
  3. swconfig dev eth0 set reset
  4. swconfig dev eth0 set enable_vlan 1
  5. swconfig dev eth0 vlan 1 set ports '4 0 1 2 3 8t'
  6. swconfig dev eth0 set apply
  7. exit 0
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  1. auto lo
  2. iface lo inet loopback
  3. auto eth0.1
  4. iface eth0.1 inet dhcp
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What do I have to adjust so that the WLAN does not consume power? Thanks for your help!
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