First Impressions - frequent unexpected poweroffs encountered

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I've just received my Banana Pi and eagerly got Lubuntu installed on it and speed wise I'm very impressed!

I've been using the Raspberry Pi B since it was first released and it's worked very well for us in our small office as a thin client (rdesktop starts at boot into a Windows VDI session).  But the performance of the Banana Pi far exceeds that of the Raspberry Pi.  One of the first things I did on my new Banana Pi was to install rdesktop and remote into one of the Windows VDI images.  I'm connected via VPN to our office (I'm not on site) and even over VPN the performance is incredible.  I can only imagine that the performance of rdesktop internally will be noticeably impressive for our employees.

But I do have one comment to make that concerns me....I've been testing for about 3 hours now and I've had the Banana Pi unexpectedly just stop on me without warning.  The first 3 times was when I logged out of one user account to try to login to another account...instead of the login screen the Banana Pi just turned off and all lights were off.  I had to press the reset button to turn it back on.  On another occasion while testing browsing from the Banana Pi using Firefox, again the Banana Pi just turned off?

Is this turning off a known issue with Lubuntu...or is this a hardware issue.  Have others noticed this happening as well with their Banana Pi?  Perhaps this is a power issue?

I am using a 1 amp power cable plugged directly into the mains (wall outlet).  I have a KVM switch for keyboard and mouse.  I've not connected any other USB devices.  

I appreciate hearing your thoughts on what might be causing these frequent 'poweroff' issues I've encountered.

Thank you.
There's another thread reporting similar behaviour.

Could you try a beefier 2A power supply...certainly looks like a power issue.

I've plugged in a powered USB Hub that I use on my raspberry Pi.  It has a dedicated charging port for the Ipad that will also allow me to power the Banana Pi.  The charging port delivers 2 AMPs.  

I'll see how this goes and report back.


Did you use the Lubuntu 3.1??? If so, this version has some bugs. I have updated Lubuntu to version 3.1.1, you can now download the newest one.

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