How to change env.cfg for /system partition

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I am building android from source for BananaPi M1+ referring following link. ... wn_Android_firmware

After compiling android we run pack command which will pack all images and create single android image.
The all important files for packing image will stored at location lichee/tools/pack/out.  There is one file env.cfg and sys_partition.fex.
I am trying to change mmc_root=/dev/mmcblk0p7 to mmc_root=/dev/mmcblk0p12  from  env.cfg  and added new partition 12 to
sys_partition.fex.  After changes when I run pack both files get modified. Changes are not able to save.  

I dont know whether I am following correct way?
Is there any other way to do this?
I want to change mmc_root and also need to add new parition to sys_partition.fex

Thanks in advance.

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