Can't get DS3231 RTC module to work with my LeMaker Banana Pro

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I just got one of these in the mail: ... ry-Pi-/321743549784
It's a DS3231 RTC expansion module, which uses a supercapacitor, for my LeMaker Banana Pro. I place it on my Banana, fitting it over pins 1,3,5,7 and 9. It gets recognized (in Armbian) and keeps the time when the Banana is shut off. But when I unplug my Banana, the RTC loses its info.
First off, what's the difference between unplugging the Banana Pro and just shutting it down in the OS? In either case all the lights go off... And why would this affect the RTC backup?
I just can't get this RTC to work. Can anyone help?
Are you using superCap for banana pro or for RTC power?

if for RTC then any special requirement to use supercap instead of the coin cell.
I would suggest you use coin cell may be your capacitor is discharging so fast that RTC is getting reset whenever you remove the external power from the banana pro.
You CAN check the capacitor voltage on DSO.

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vaibhavkambli replied at May 11, 2017 00:52
Are you using superCap for banana pro or for RTC power?

if for RTC then any special requirement to  ...

Hi, and thank you.
I am using supercap for RTC power. There's no special requirement on my part, it just came that way. When I went looking for an RTC module it was the only one says it was made for the Banana. I wasn't sure if using ones for the Raspberry would work in my case.
Since there's no DSO handy, this one'll probably get replaced later down the road.

we are using  DS3231MZ+  maxim integrated RTC chip with coin cell.
coin cell can power the RTC around 10 years and configuration is also very simple u just have to set only 7 registers day, date,  year, month, time(3), with simple i2cset command. U can use sample call with system commands in C also.

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