how to remove GUI of lemuntu

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hi, anybody could tell a way to remove lxde in lemuntu ?

the reason I want to use lemuntu is becasue it boot in a fast way... and well setup.

here is another way to make a jessie rootfs:

And here is matured ARM Linux for Banana(s):


and menu driven build engine:


I have just introduced xrdp and I can effectively associate, Do my Coursework yet the desktop I get in the remote session is not the same as the one appeared on the outside show. I did some exploration on google, yet the main thing I found was the manner by which I can associate with an officially existing session or how I can interface with a similar session once more

Well the following link you have provided some great source I did not had any sort of idea what to do when my boss told me to remove GUI but thanks to Custom Paper Writing Company for providing me some best sort of information over the years.

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