Download older version of Raspbian For BananaPi (V3.1)

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Does anyone have a copy of the old Raspbian image for BananaPi?
The old link is broken: ... UE/edit?usp=sharing

Version :     V3.1
MD5 :     22A0B5C23DE914F273423B3CAA4292FC
SHA1 :     57D40EB0447AA3C424F83F17D0E287FBF0D75657
CRC32 :     3D99A493

I'm looking for it to test an issue that I currently have with wiringPi and mainline kernel 4.9

Please share it (dropbox, google drive, torrent - whatever way)
Thank you!

It would be wiser to adjust WiringBananaPi to mainline kernel. Follow this:

You can easily check WiringPi with legacy Armbian , which should behave probably the same way as on Raspbian.

I have read the previous articles regarding the BananaPi. The new one creates a new impression and it is quite similar to the old one but have some modifications. Please post the further questions and detailed descriptions which could be more useful to understand about the topic.        best online engagement rings store       

Accidentally I have come across this website and little bit confused about the details shared here. This post deals with the details regarding how to download an read this post here older version of Raspbian for Banana Pi(V3.1). The details are mentioned here and I am looking here for more updates on that.

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