Download older version of Raspbian For BananaPi (V3.1)

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Does anyone have a copy of the old Raspbian image for BananaPi?
The old link is broken: ... UE/edit?usp=sharing

Version :     V3.1
MD5 :     22A0B5C23DE914F273423B3CAA4292FC
SHA1 :     57D40EB0447AA3C424F83F17D0E287FBF0D75657
CRC32 :     3D99A493

I'm looking for it to test an issue that I currently have with wiringPi and mainline kernel 4.9

Please share it (dropbox, google drive, torrent - whatever way)
Thank you!

It would be wiser to adjust WiringBananaPi to mainline kernel. Follow this:

You can easily check WiringPi with legacy Armbian , which should behave probably the same way as on Raspbian.

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