Cant get the z320it008 V0.3 lcd screen to work with the banana pro

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I recently tried to hook up this lcd, the z320it008 V0.3, wich I got of this board: here to the banana pro.
I followed the instructions on the banana pi wiki, but after having finished the instructions all I get is a grey/white screen(i can't really tell).

After this I looked up the pinout of the lcd and found this: here
and tried editing the fex file a little and compiling it using this page: here
This didn't seem to work.

After that I tried it on lubuntu instead of raspian, but it gave the same result.
I also couln't find the pinout of the display port on the banana pro, so I couln't compare the two pinouts.

I am currently out of ideas and any help would be great.

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