Some questions to "Compiling Qt5.5 for LeMaker Guitar"

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I try to follow the instructions given on to use Qt on the BananaPi but it is not that easy since some instructions are not precise enough to understand them completely.

Am I right, that I have to install Qt on the BananaPi without the use of the linear toolchain. As far as I understand, the lineare toolchain is only needed on my PC.

So I downloaded the Qt sources to the BananaPi, modified the qmake.conf file and after this I was able to compile Qt on the BananaPi. Next step is, that I have to copy the lib and plugins folder to "guitar". Where exactly must the files be placed? It really doesn't make sense to me since the files were compiled on the device, so why do I have to copy them anywhere else?

Next thing is how to configure QtCreator on my PC, because it is written that I have to /opt/qt5-arm/bin/qmake as a new Qt Version, but obviously my newly installed QtCreator doesn't know anything about some qt5-arm stuff. So, how do I get the qmake file for qt5-arm?

Hope anybody can answer these questions.


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