Peanut shells can be developed into green aldehyde-free flooring

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Peanut shells, corn stalks in the rural areas are very common waste, after processing can be turned into formaldehyde-free green flooring. As the new floor material is high density, so the water molecules is difficult to enter, so as to ensure that the floor will not be tidal deformation.least expensive diy pool deck resurface

"The biggest feature of this kind of wood flooring is not formaldehyde", because the solid wood flooring in the production process should use adhesives, and formaldehyde mainly exists in the adhesive, which inevitably produce harmful substances on the human body. And this new type of floor is corn stalks, peanut shells and other materials ground into powder, and then mixed with powder into the powder mixture, made by high temperature die, in the production process will not use the adhesive.how to make a feathered fence panel Africa

"Now most people think that environmentally friendly solid wood flooring, in fact, consume a lot of forest resources." Solid wood flooring is made of natural trees, need to cut down a large number of trees. The new flooring is mainly based on rural waste corn stalks, peanut shells, wood flour and other plant fiber, raw material supply is very adequate.How To Make A Composite Picnic Table Kenya
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