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Hi, I have installed raspian for my banana and I want to get my wifi dongle working (d-link dwa131 E1). I have tried to download linux drivers from dlink support but compiling then says that there are no kernel headers and I cant find how to install headers for 3.4.103 (kernel my raspian is running on). So I downloaded kernel 3.18.11 kernel compiled and make make uImage and make uinstall ... but when I boot I am still in 3.4.103 kernel ... probably I need to tweak something with bootloader (can somebody explain how to do it ?)

or is there any way how could I install my d-link dwa131 E1 usb wifi dongle ?


Trash Raspbian since it's peace of crap.

You can go for 3.4.113 or 4.11.5 ... on any of those headers are preinstalled and you can install 3rd party drivers - if they are more or less compatible and clean.

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