BananaPI and Scratch for the children coding education

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I have a visit in a primary school recently.
I find the computer course for the little children is gaming time , movie time , etc. And for higher grade students, the course give way to the math, language lessons. What a pity. So I wish we can try some way to combine the Scratch with the children's computer course. For myself,  I am  already trying to make some course interesting, easy to know, with the help of Scratch. And I think it's a good way to train the coding ability. Hope in this community, my opinion is not alone.
My point is that a federal program is not needed to introduce kids to computer programming. I think age does not matter, some kids at the age of 6 are ten times smarter than 40 year old people and can do same hard work. The only thing is to make this subject optional.
I write my essay here and you?

Thank you lemaker for this post on BananaPI and Scratch for the children coding education and also about the best fake college diploma. I hope to read and learn  more on t his though, keep us posted on more.

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According to Apple intends to discharge a free coding education application on Tuesday that it created in light of centre school students, in the most recent salvo among innovation organizations to pick up an offer in the education market and to support early item dedication among children.

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