sudo problem

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I follow instructions to build ubuntu system, however, I cannot use sudo command in GUI's terminal.
Error occurs after typing command:
/usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set

My board setting is lemaker_guitar_bba
rootfs is downloaded from lenaro's linaro-trusty-alip-20140727-680.tar.gz
FW is created by image-create-tools
I impressed with your work. It is very helpful for many people who are unaware of the issues that may occur it security threats during the usage of the sudo command in GUI's terminal. The details are mentioning the issues that can take place in the build of the Ubuntu system.

Thanks for sharing the information with us. What is mean by Sudo problem? I don't get any idea about Sudo problem. Can anyone please shares some more information regarding this problem? cbd side effects I hope you will explain it in your upcoming post.

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