Changing IP With Mobile Data: Miami Dice

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So, my partner has been playing at Miami Dice regardless of some of the bad reviews we read and he recommended them to me after numerous good experiences there and some hassle free withdrawals.
So I headed there this morning and jumped straight on to live chat all went well until I told them my partner had an account and asked if I can also register, deposit and claim a bonus.
The agent told me yes I can have an account but it can’t be the same IP. I told her that we share the same IP as we live together and it’s the next thing she said that confused me. She told me if I sign up using mobile data then it will change my IP. I told her that I wouldn’t want problems should I make a withdrawal due to the fact we do actually share the same IP.
She then told me that both accounts would just need to be verified. This obviously isn’t a problem, his is already verified and I’d verify mine before depositing.
However, my question to you is 1. Have you heard of this before and 2. If it does change your IP (which it probably does) would I be risking a possible forfeit of winnings if it was checked at that point?
I’m not a risk taker as you all know so I’m not sure I feel comfortable doing as the agent suggested. And also I could sign up using mobile data however I wouldn’t play using my mobile data it would take up too much so I’d have to play using my WIFI data so surely we’ll be sharing the same IP again then?
Please help

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