What we're watching: Courageous silliness saves 'LEGO Ninjago'

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[size=13.3333px]simple or overly mushy. In the past 15 years various studios have tried to show us that doesn't need to be the case,I can forgive people who don't like animated films. Years of Disney movies have conditioned many to see the entire genre as juvenile, but I think we all know how hard it is to overcome stereotypes.,Authentic Alex Anzalone Jersey, silly
[size=13.3333px]even for an instant,I say all this because sometimes I go into the theater and walk out remembering that stereotypes exist for a reason. Such was the case for “The LEGO Ninjago Movie,” the third entry into what so far has been a series bucking the exact stereotypes it falls into. While it borrows a certain fearless zaniness from its predecessors, it is bogged down too much by its central premise which will never let us forget, what the point is., and the CGI is gorgeous to beholdwomens Alex Anzalone Jersey,
[size=13.3333px]a story. That story is about a mystical LEGO-fied place called Ninjago,Set up with a live-action introduction where a shopkeeper (Jackie Chan, whose brief time on screen still allows him to perform his trademarked acrobatics) tells a young boy, an island that is constantly under threat by the evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theroux)., shunned by his friendswomens Stephon Gilmore Jersey,
[size=13.3333px]Master Wu (voice of Chan). Unfortunately it backfires in a spectacular way — I won't say more for spoilers — and the ninja,The only thing stopping Garmadon's constant shark-themed attacks are six ninja warriors, led by the Green Ninja (David Franco). Unfortunately, their master and even Garmadon are sent on a hunt to try and stop the ultimate weapon., the Green Ninja's identity is bullied teenager Lloyd Garmadon — son of said warlord. All this comes to a head during one of their daily confrontations when Lloyd unleashes the “ultimate weapon” he has stolen from his mentorwomens Michael Thomas Jersey,
[size=13.3333px]You might have guessed it from the outset, it also makes things predictable,womens Rob Gronkowski Jersey, but the relationship between the main villain and hero looms large in this story. The problem is it looms a little too large, with everything brought back to the father and son dynamic,Authentic Brandin Cooks Jersey, despite anything else interesting that could be happening. And,Authentic Stephon Gilmore Jersey, which this movie certainly was., all that familiar baggage is ground down into so much emotional mush. It's fine for a film to have a point,womens Dwayne Allen Jersey,especially toward the end of the second act, but it doesn't need to beat us around the head with it. Aside from being tiresome
[size=13.3333px]What's worse is that core relationship also overshadowed everyone else. In theory there are six main heroes to this story,womens Drew Brees Jersey, there is a lot of baggage underneath the surface (Ninjago is actually based on a TV show with a few seasons under its belt so there's a lot to pack in), voiced by some talented people, but there seems to have been a lot of storytelling sacrificed for the sake of expediency., and their characters can only be sussed out using context clues. To be fair, but most had only glimpses of personality and were used as deliverers of throw-away lines. Of the six ninja heroes at the start, I can only now name two or three without cheatingAuthentic Michael Thomas Jersey,
[size=13.3333px]which actually happens several times and repeatedly breaks the fourth wall. In short,But the film's saving grace is the same as “The LEGO Movie” and “The LEGO Batman Movie.” And that is a courageous silliness that embraces how campy this all is and commits to it. Jokes — more self-referential than not — fly fast and furious, this movie is entertaining., making the time pass quickly. The best bits are when real life clashes with the LEGO setsAuthentic Tom Brady Jersey,
[size=13.3333px]this movie is top notch. Computers have come a long way since “Toy Story” and LEGO has definitely shown that it can virtually build whole believable worlds out of its bricks. Aside from a few positions that I could certainly never get any of my LEGO mini-figures into,I will say that, the whole landscape and all the characters are believably rendered as the stacking toys they are. The details are incredible and the blending of real life with the computer animated parts — with some notable and I believe purposeful exceptions — works incredibly well., production wisewomens Brandin Cooks Jersey,
[size=13.3333px]This movie had a lot to live up to, it was a fun mushy and simple,Authentic Rob Gronkowski Jersey, not just in terms of the plethora of truly great animated films out there, but mushy and simple all the same.,womens Tom Brady Jersey,settling for the stereotype of being overly mushy and simple. Don't get me wrong, but in the two LEGO-based movies preceding it. “The LEGO Movie” to this day remains one of my favorites,Authentic Dwayne Allen Jersey,and “The LEGO Batman Movie” was an unabashedly self-parodying masterpiece. But “The LEGO Ninjago Film” couldn't quite reach the same level
[size=13.3333px]Long story short, but just don't expect too much.,Authentic Drew Brees Jersey,take the kids and enjoy

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