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I have bought the Banana Pi. I have spend a few days to bring this Frankenstein to live without documentation. I can not load android because I work under Ubuntu (PC). The Raspi image was not recognized from imageWriter so my only option was - quickly learn your language or choose Cubieboard image. I have choosed the second one (I will learn chinese but not so quickly. After several tials with Cubieboards' image I can connect with Banana but only with help of Putty. If I connect it with HDMI to my monitor it will NOT cooperate. On analog with VGA I can see only two penguins for few seconds. What is the reason? where shall I search?

Kind regards and thank you for answer in advance

I meet this same problem with my old VGA monitor (totally darkness). Also I have 2 HDMI monitor, one works fine , another..opps. And yeah ,  I am using the Cubieboard image. So I think I will try the RP image soon, and if something different , I will give you feedback.

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the output resolution of the cubieboard's image is 1280*720 which is set in boot.scr. if your monitor don't support this resolution, you will see the darkness. you can refer to this URL "" to modify the setting.

If you only see only two penguins, it means that your SD card has not set up fit. All image I have test, and for cubie image and rp image, I was burn into SD card using dd command under ubuntu, it works normally. We have English manual in Quick Start Guide.

I have tried it. The Old VGA monitor can display now. It's raspberry PI image.

Thank You for your answers, hints and great knowledge. I will try to bring up the Cubieboard version of BananaPi Sw to life. In the meantime I have excluded as reason VGA Monitor. I have bought simply new SD card 16 Gb and installed the RaspiVersion. RaspiBanana SW, if I changed its download name and added ".img" on the end of the file starts without problems with this HDMI/VGA Monitor. In the meantime I have learned, Cubies are in two flawors with and without HDMI. Could it be the BananaPi sw is based on the NO HDMI CubieSource?

All the best for You

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