Tiffany Sexy Clubwear Trump Looked West for Her Inauguration Dress

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Photo Sexy Clubwear Tiffany Trump in her inaugural ball gown. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times While Melania and Ivanka Trump looked to the New York fashion circle for their inaugural ball gowns, Tiffany Trump, the president's younger daughter and the only child from his marriage to Marla Maples, looked west to Southern California, where she is from. Ms. Trump, 23, relied on the dressmaker Simin Taghdiri of Simin Couture for her rhinestone-decorated baby pink and silver damask strapless mermaid gown.
Ms. Taghdiri, 63, an Iranian-American Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie who studied fashion design in Manchester, England, has had a store on North Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Calif., for years. There, a smorgasbord of Middle Eastern royals, celebrities (the country singer Reba McEntire; the actress Abigail Breslin, a friend of Ms. Trump's; and the reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump are all clients) and brides-to-be have sought her ornate creations. In fact, Ivanka Trump has worn a few Simin Couture pieces. Here, Ms. Taghdiri talks about dressing Tiffany Trump for the inaugural balls.
Q. How did you come to work with Tiffany?
A. It was through a mutual friend, who fvdvfghfghdf doesn't want to be named. I got an email that Tiffany and her mom needed dresses. This was, like, 10 days before the inauguration. It was my first time working with Tiffany.
That's not a lot of notice.
Here I am (in Beverly Hills). I wouldn't have time to make it from the beginning. Luckily, I had some dresses in the store. Almost everything I do is custom. My main thing is bridal, but I put out some ready-to-wear dresses so people can buy when they walk into the store. They are more affordable.
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Continue reading the main story Did Tiffany and Marla go to your store for fittings?
I did ask them if they would be kind of enough to come here, but they didn't have time. I flew to New York and took 10 to 12 pieces with me. They didn't give me any direction. I just Googled their names and looked at the pictures that came up to see what they had worn before.
How did the meeting with them go?
Marla took one dress, and Tiffany took two. Tiffany loved the one she eventually wore right away. I think, especially with the color, it was sexy but sweet. It was good for her age and good for the occasion.
Have you dressed other prominent political figures?
Yes, I have dressed Farah Diba (the former empress of Iran) and many princesses of Saudi Arabia.
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See Sample Manage Email Preferences Not you? Privacy Policy Opt out or contact us anytime What does the other dress that Tiffany selected look like?
The other option was black. We thought she shouldn't wear black. It was nicer to be in a lighter color.
Did you have to do fittings, or did the dress fit well right off the hanger?
There was a lot that needed to be done. I had only three or four days before they had to go to Washington. I didn't sleep!
Continue reading the main storyCan a strapless gown be tough for fittings?
I put so much boning into it, it didn't move at all.
How much did Tiffany's dress cost?
I'd estimate around $2,500 because of the work I did on the fittings. You can buy a ready-made evening dress of mine starting at $400, but they go into the thousands. My custom evening dresses start at $2,000, and my bridal gowns start at $4,000 and go up.
What did you think of her?
Tiffany is extremely well mannered. Ivanka was like that, too. We did not talk politics.

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