Power off with HDD over active HUB

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Edited by copytco at Nov 04, 2017 14:27

I have read through the forum that Banana Pi Pro does not support directly powering drive over USB as it might be too much for this board. In my setup I use 2 A power adapter for my Banana Pi and an active HUB with power supply of 1 A, but with limit of 500 mA for HDD. Still, when connecting HUB to Banana Pi and HDD to HUB the same issue appears as when no HUB is used - the red diode turns off and Banana Pi looses power. I have already tried several HDDs (500 GB, 320 GB, 2 TB) - all with the same result. Anyone has some idea why this might be occuring despite powering drives from external source? My system is based on Armbian.

Also, may it be more beneficial to plug HDD using SATA? Does the rule of external power supply also apply in this case?
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