Banana Pi have support TouchScreen on Android

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Hello world! Want to buy Banan pi but I find it difficult to buy because of a couple of questions.
Help please.
First question:I Want to buy a Touchscreen display for banana pi in order worked with Android OS.
Is there support for Android os touchscreen via GPIO?
Second question: What touchscren to buy: I2C or SPI?
SPI for touchscreen

You should be aware though that there is no need to have a touchscreen in order to use Android. Almost everything works fine with a mouse instead of touchscreen. The only thing that doesn't work is multi-touch gestures, since there's only one mousepointer (even if you connect two mice).

I use both keyboard and mouse with my Banana Pi under Android, and hopefully the next release will support gamepads too, since there are lots of good emulator apps for old-school game consoles. And those games work best with a real gamepad.

Best regards: dlanor

Dlanor ,
I know that touchscreen is not obligatory to work with andoid.
I want to know android on banana pi does touchscreen through GPIO

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