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Lemaker according to its characteristics allows the use of a large number of chips and devices. Allows to develop on its basis a complex industrial devices and electronic security systems. So I would like to remind the developers that it is now the end of 2017, to date, are many chips and circuits is not supported by the chosen core 3.10.100, do not understand the motive of choosing such an old kernel. This remark is not without reason. Our company decided to develop on the basis of the Single Board system of registration on the work of railway rolling stock (black box). The planned production capacity of more than 2000 products. Each product contains 3 Lemaker Single Board. In the product used such chips like the Microchip Lan7800, Lan7801, Cirrus cs5368. None of them supported your chosen core. For Lan7801 we had to contact the developer of the driver for kernel 4.12, and it helped us to realize this driver is for kernel 3.10. To share with you this driver, we will not, because it's your fault and it cost us extra money. At the moment is direct work with engineers Cirrus to help us implement the driver chip cs5368, who so the same is ready for core 4 thread. And it also costs us money. Thus, your failure to implement your device's kernel version > 4.10, 4.12 may change our plans for using your devices in our projects in the future and to choose another platform from another manufacturer (most likely on SOC from Intel). I draw your special attention, at the moment it is planned to purchase 6000 Lemaker Guitar Single Board. But until you earn the prototype order. Most of the problem is the device drivers.
This is food for thought Lemaker Guitar manufacturer.

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