Problem with using BP1 as a wifi router

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I tried setting up my BP1 as a wifi router today, using this as a guideline. The result was a wifi that could not connect to the internet and where I could not ping anything. Every device I connected got the right gateway and dns and one of the ips I set aside for it. After a few hours of trying to find a problem in the setup I remembered a similar issue I had when I tried setting a vpn up on a BP1 where I ended up being able to connect to the pi but not the network behind it. Both things I tried run without problem on a Raspberry Pi so my question is, does anyone of you know if I have to do an additional or different step for it to work on Banana Pi? Is adding
  1. net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
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and setting the firewall rules not enough?
Please help me
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