XBMC image for Banana pi

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I watch this video XBMC image designed for Banana pi,I think is true now I will download it and test

Here the video

Here the link to download it
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The mother of all questions: does it use hardware accelerated video decoding???

I don't know

Not accelerated, using 150% cpu to play 720p itunes trailers & choppy.

It has no acceleration. For if we want to have XMBC graphics acceleration does not work ....

I've tried to play a 1080p Test Video and it was creepy as f#+k...
We have to wait until somebody can bring hardware accelerated video decoding to the BPi..

even 480p videos are barely lagfree..

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I installed that img and the system stopped when I clic on the programs menu.
Do you know why?


I've tried this one ( http://banana-pi.fr/?p=312 click one the picture). Working great, even Airplay and uPnp are working decoding Hd Videos.


Error (509)
This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

Indeed, Error 509.

Furthermore, that image is Android/MXplayer based so will not have audio passthrough.

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