XBMC image for Banana pi

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I tried this.works well. even hardware installed. But the problem is that my SD card is formatted in two partitions of 16 GB 11 GB unallocated.as a result, it may not be enough buffering and does falter.

Indeed, Error 509.
Dave_Driesen Posted at 2014-8-22 12:15

I was able to download the RAR file from dropbox this morning, with the page that links to it being down because of a database problem it looks like it's back below the allowable limit for dropbox.

Here's the direct link to the file:

I won't get a chance to try it until later today.

Error 509!! :-O Could any one put that image in a dropbox or similar? Thanks.

Stock XBMC configuration was able to playback 720p movie trailer video using automatic "MX Player" android hand-off flawlessly.   No lag at all.   Couldn't find a 1080 source to try.

Mythtv PVR add-on didn't work with the image, it activates and appears in the menu, but just complains it's not started yet when you try to do anything in "Live TV"

I went ahead and installed XBMC updater and replaced XBMC w/ Kodi 13 beta2 or whatever the nightly is.   Kodi built-in playback of Apple movie trailers inside Kodi was also flawless, the only slow down was some slight choppiness when the menu overlays are brought up over top of the video.

This image has me very excited, I'd love to know if anyone has been able to achieve this type of video playback performance with a non-android Linux distro.

Hi, is the webserver working? If i try to start i get the message "not started", in log tze same no more details.

please give a mirror, dropbox not working.

Hi there, iam very new in this forum and a noob. Yesterday i tried the xbmx_12.2_frodo, but HD-movies are working very bad...2frames and no audio. So i understand that this is caused by the missing hardware accceration, so i had to wait for a new  xbmc/Xbian version? Or is there no hope?

Hello to all,
    XBMC based on Linux distro for BananaPi still exist some supporting issues due to HW acceleration (external player can support it, but it's not we want). we are keeping in contact with the author  of XBMC and hoping to receive  some advices from him , but he is very busy...
we need some time...

Will XBMC ever support a10/a20 alwinner socks out of the box?

you have to ask that in the forum on the xbmc site. I hope they will...

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