Android 4.4 (Beta 1)

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Android 4.4 (Beta 1) is out downloading now
Any link??



just noticed it's out on as well.
The release note says it requires two power adapters to for the regular micro-usb,the other for the OTG port...seems a long way to go from this beta,but still keen on trying out.

Oh no!
My Pi is at a customers for testing!!

Can't wait to test.

TRY XBMC!!! Should do 1080P!

Release Notes ... -1-release-note#170

"This is the first build of Android 4.4 on Banana Pi, so it is still buggy.

Android 4.4 supports standard Android MediaCodec API for hardware video/audio decoding and encoding. For example, YouTube, XBMC works well.

1. Known issues:

(1) WIFI is not working yet, only Ethernet network works.

(2) It requires two Micro USB powers to boot this release. Make sure you connect the two MicroUSB ports to your power adapters.

(3) Once Android is up and running, you can disconnect the OTG MicroUSB power adapter and use only one power adapter.

(4) It takes a few minutes for Banana Pi to boot up with this Android 4.4 build for the first time, so be patient.

(5) From the 2nd time on, the boot time should be much quicker, and becomes normal.

(6) Screen may go black, you need to press the Power swtich on the device to turn on the screen.

My Banana Pi booted with only one PSU

XBMC 13.RC1 does not run as yet


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Tried it so far.
  • Boots without second power supply, but takes about 20s to show anything on screen
  • no graphics settings available, seems to be 720p (30 or 60Hz?) with underscan only, so black bars on 1080p monitor
  • Ethernet took a few minutes to find connection
  • no xbmc installed, also not available in playstore, may or may not work
  • youtube 720p in chrome&firefox runs somewhat, but slightly laggy & micro stutters
  • official youtube app from playstore works, but limited to 720p (plays but maybe sometimes microstutters, could be done on the cpu alone)
  • mouse feels sometimes laggy (maybe screen is 30Hz?)

Overall no proof yet that gpu-1080p high bitrate video works... let's wait and see.

The guys also said that xbmc was released. So did I miss it, because it's not in android 4.4 as far as I can see? Or is there a separate standalone img? ... beta-1-works-normal

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