Android 4.4 (Beta 1)

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There is a link for a separate image in the XBMC section here on our own site.
I may as well copy the link for you here, so you don't have to search for it:

I haven't tested that  image myself yet, so I can't say how well it works.

Best regards: dlanor


Can someone try the latest XBMC android APK on this 4.4 Android??

APK download here: ... ha2-armeabi-v7a.apk

Personally I'm not even going to consider using this version of Android 4.4 until someone manages to fix the mouse button usage. Having left and right mouse buttons do the same thing is just silly. Why waste a mouse button on a duplicate function.

My OUYA does that too, and I hate it, as it's forcing me to use gamepad or keyboard just to back out of menus and close apps etc. Having to do the same with the new Android for BPi is a dealbreaker for me, since the 4.2 version handles the mouse the way I want it (right button == back).

Best regards: dlanor

Had some time today I got Helix installed and running I'm watching a 720p Movie works fine 1080P has some stutter

APK download here:
mattrix Posted at 2014-8-11 19:48

Works (also 1080p), but picture starts lagging when overlay menu...

Hi I tried android 4.4 and the latest version of xbmc ... ha2-armeabi-v7a.apk mkv without stoppages in all ok both com 720 1080

What's the CPU usage when playing back 720 and 1080?

Also, would be interested in seeing how Popcorn Time works

Did some video testing again with this android 4.4 beta:

Use browser and download small free testvideo here (720 and 1080 mov h264), an actual good image quality clip:

in MXplayer (installed over play store with armv7 codec):
- 1080 and 720 work flawlessly with HW decoder on

in xbmc/kodi 14 (download apk in this thread):
- 1080 hefty chucking, 720 some stutter, often freeze&crash, hardware does not seem to work

in vlc (over playstore):
- 720 plays, but stutters, some freeze
- 1080 mayor chucking, image freeze

Preinstalled video player
- no image

So currently not better than Android 4.2. Maybe the designers should include a working version of xbmc to prove their claim.

Also tried to install xbmc 13.1 and it didn't start up, so that's probably why it wasn't preinstalled and blocked in play store.

If you want to try yourself: ... ham-armeabi-v7a.apk

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