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Linux and Android bug make kernel crash

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in kernel linux and android bug will crash as this https://community.nxp.com/thread/464833
modify here


static inline unsigned long __must_check copy_from_user(void *to, const void __user *from, unsigned long n)
    if (access_ok(VERIFY_READ, from, n))
        /*** begin: issue #: avoid arg crash in copy_from_user ***/
        if ( from )
            n = __copy_from_user(to, from, n);
        /*** end: issue #: avoid arg crash in copy_from_user ***/
    else /* security hole - plug it */
        memset(to, 0, n);

    return n;

    /*** begin: issue #5404: socket can ***/
    /*.pushsection .fixup,"ax"*/
    .pushsection .text.fixup,"ax"
    /*** end: issue #5404 ***/
    .align 0
    ldmfd    sp!, {r1, r2}
    sub    r3, r0, r1
    rsb    r1, r3, r2
    str    r1, [sp]
    bl    __memzero
    ldr    r0, [sp], #4

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I fire bug to them... you can modify this code too
BUGs are especially the programming error. in every operating system, we face his issue. If you are a Windows 10 user you surely face Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 10. so this is one of the common issues.

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