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You can rent office space in both urban and rural areas in most town and city locations across the UK. The office space available may be either in a business park or sometimes it may be a whole building specifically dedicated to the purpose of housing a business facility.

There has been a growth in the number of multi purpose built buildings , serviced office operations expansions e.g. a lot of serviced office chains expanded prior to the credit crunch and new buildings were built specifically for housing serviced offices or older buildings were bought and converted for the same purpose.

Even ex farmhouse buildings and barns have been converted into small industrial units or office spaces. Most of this office spaces are at out of town locations or on the outskirts of small towns and provide a lot of space and vista as compared to inner city or town centre locations.

These properties can be very good value for new businesses who appreciate the benefits of a good location, parking and sometimes grounds that are very attractive for both staff and visitors.

The biggest factor when considering these out of town spaces is how many staff you will need to employ and whether they will be able to travel to work via public transport or if they will be relying upon their own cars, bad weather and holiday periods can often have a big affect upon transport systems in rural areas especially with reduced train services and less buses plying the normal routes available in such towns.

On the other hand if there are just a couple of business partners then it is likely they will drive to work and not have to use trains and buses , indeed late nights or extended working times may make it imperative to use privately owned transport.

Many small offices or manufacturing businesses enjoy and promote their location as an extra benefit or attraction for both employees and clients.
These locations are often portrayed as an alternative and artisan approach to new working and selling practices.

If you plan to rent office space in a city or large town you will probably need to make some compromises with regards to parking, the amount of usable space and services that are included.

Some properties may offer larger space or a central location but have limited or non-existent parking or kitchen facilities. Most will however offer some form of security features and this will usually include manned security and alarm systems connected directly to the local police stations.

Your business plan and personal expectations will determine your list of essential and desired provisions, referring to this whilst undertaking viewings will help to identify the best location for your business to rent office space that will contribute towards improving your profile and profitability.

With any agreement to lease a commercial property it is imperative to use a legal representative who will identify any issues or anomalies that should be addressed before signing the contract.

When you rent office space you could be responsible for some maintenance or repairs and this requirement should be completely understood by both parties.

Sylvia Flats writes office rental articles for the Lettings Mall.

Looking to to rent office space? The Lettings Mall provides facilities for Landlords ,Estate Agents and leasors to get together and rent office space.
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