Update Bananian or something else?

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I've got an original Banana Pi which is used daily for media/file sharing, MySQL Kodi library, FTP server, Transmission torrent server, but I set it up years ago, and haven't really needed to do any maintenance on it. It's still showing version  Linux bananapi 3.4.104-bananian.

I would like to update Transmission due to a couple of issues I've had lately, but I think the later versions (I'm on 2.82) require Jessie?

I've seen there is a newer Bananian update based on Jessie, but it's the last one.

So, should I update to the latest Bananian update, or should I look at something else? Is it possible to use Stretch (9) on the original Banana Pi?

If you are looking for the latest Bananian update then you can get it from here for free now. And you can clear all output doubts regarding it easily with the help of the  Magicard 300  information that they have added here.

I don't think that everyone knows about this is a banana pi which is used for media file sharing and there are much other use for this so brief information about the banyan is provided which of provides our which idea about the use of this product and also have provided more information about it cbd for birds

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