RGB FPC LCD not working for Android

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I have wired up a 5" 480x272 "dot-clock" LCD to the Banana Pi. I used the Adafruit 1932 40 pin TFT friend board. This board has a backlight controller built in. Here is a link for those interested:

I then made a breadboard connector and hooked up all the lines from the BPi FCP connector to the 1932 using the pin out for BPi.

I get just a white screen on the LCD. The backlight works because that is driven from the 1932 board.

I boot the BPi and have the HDMI also connected (tried it not connected, still nothing on the LCD). The BPi is booting find and I can see the screen on my HDMI monitor.

I assume I have to do something to turn on the LCD FPC output in Android. Can someone tell me how to do this please?
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