HTC One not charging and USB not recognizing

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Itz been like a month now i've been using HTC ONE. "ONE" of the best phone till date i've ever used. Am completely happy with the performance and looks. But from last week it stoped charging and even when i connect it to my mac itz not reading ! I havn't even dropped it even once ! The only time it getz charged is when the battery is completely drained off and wen the mobile goes off by itself. And that time when i keep it for charging, it gets charged but the red light(charging notification) keepz blinking instead of being stable. So for past few dayz i've been charging the phone this way and have to wait for the battery to drain off completely and then keep it for charging. But still the usb is not reading wen i connect it to my mac. Has anyone else encounterd the same issue ? Doesn anyone know how to resolve this issue ?

Please help.

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